This page is a combination of some of my most important lists. It’s both a bucket list and a list of life goals, as well as things that I want to do or achieve. Some of these apply now, while others are only meant to be achieved 5, 10 years in the future.

Be in a long-term relationship
Get married
Have a kid or two
Own a house
Get a dog
Own a nice car
Own a ranch
Retire comfortably
Become self-employed

Graduate from CEGEP
Get into university
Graduate University
Get 3.0 or above GPA
Join a Club
Attend Frosh/orientation week
Live in a residence
Minor in business/management/entrepeneurship
Get into graduate school
Work as a professor

Arts & Culture
Go to a music festival
Go to Metropolitan museum
Visit Gaudi’s artwork in Spain
Read the Bible
Read Pride and Prejudice

Go to another country with my best friend
Visit Las Vegas
Visit Los Angeles
Visit London
Book a plane ticket the day-of
Backpack across Canada
Travel to Japan (and visit Tokyo, Kyoto)
Motorcycle my way to Mexico
Spend 1 month in a foreign-language country by myself
Visit NYC
Set foot on 5 other continent (South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia)
Swim in every Ocean (Pacific, Indian, Atlantic, Arctic)
See the Northern Lights
Go on exchange

Ride a mechanical bull
Visit an amusement park
Visit a water park
Scuba dive
Drive around a racetrack
Try surfing
Ski down a double-black diamond

Learn to play guitar
Get my driver’s license
Speak Spanish Fluently
Learn photography
Learn to ride a motorcycle

Get an internship
Get a full-time job
Make over 50,000 a year
Join/create a start-up
Work abroad
Join Engineers Without Boarders

Make the world a better place
Volunteer at an organization based in Montreal
Donate 10,000$ to an organization
Go vegan full-time
Stop buying from sweatshops
Take a homeless person out to dinner
Adopt a shelter pet

Start a blog
Get my own domain name
Blog every day for a week
Blog every week for a year
Get 1,000 views in one month
Monetize my blog
Write a children’s novel
Write an adult novel
Write an e-book

Eat at a Gordon Ramsey restaurant
Make my own Sushi
Write a cookbook
Learn to use an espresso machine
Make every recipe from a cookbook

Have any items you think I should add? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy living,

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