Why drive isn’t enough

This might be a controversial post, but it's coming out of my own experiences as a college student. In my province (Quebec) you complete a 2 year college program after the 11th grade, before jumping into the second year of a university program. These two years allow students to specialize a little bit (my focus… Continue reading Why drive isn’t enough

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Rich, dense, (vegan) chocolate cake

The first thing I must say is that I didn't think up the idea of this recipe on my own. I found Sam Turnbull's chocolate cake recipe, and and used it as a base to make my own recipe. It's super simple and one of the best cake recipes I've ever tried, vegan or not.… Continue reading Rich, dense, (vegan) chocolate cake


How to make rainy days the best (so you forget it’s a rainy day)

So it's pouring outside. The amount of water falling from the sky today could probably, solve the water crisis in California. I was supposed to go running, work on the garden, and get brunch with my girlfriends. Well, that's a bust. But all hope is not lost!! Here's how I turned my grey, soggy, Sunday… Continue reading How to make rainy days the best (so you forget it’s a rainy day)

Book Reviews

Review: the Millenium Trilogy

After I read a book that leaves me satisfied, I feel the urge to analyze it, review it, and often, make myself end up hating it. When you’re on a beach somewhere, flipping open the first book on your reading list, or at a table trying to read your book as an excuse not to… Continue reading Review: the Millenium Trilogy

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Old-style hot chocolate

This is my own personal hot chocolate recipe, that is in my opinion the best. Instant hot chocolate is good, but can never quite compare to the real thing. The recipe can be found at the bottom of the post. Ingredients: serves 2-3 500 mL milk 8 oz. dark chocolate (high quality) 1/4 cup sugar… Continue reading Old-style hot chocolate

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Goat Cheese Grilled Sandwich

This is a recipe I came up with on the stop when I was about 10 or 12. My dad had told me to make a good sandwich for my mom (they both worked very hard), so I set about working on a creation. Turns out, it was pretty good. It's vegetarian, but not vegan.… Continue reading Goat Cheese Grilled Sandwich

Book Reviews

Book review for Anita Blake Series

Anita Blake Series first book: Guilty Pleasures (1993) Most recent book: the series is still not over, even twenty years later Author: Laurell K Hamilton  (LKH) Main characters: Anita Blake (protagonist), Jean Claude (vampire boyfriend), Nathaniel (were-leopard boyfriend), Micah (were-leopard boyfriend),  Richard (werewolf boyfriend), and so on and so forth... Rating: 1/5 stars. No, let's… Continue reading Book review for Anita Blake Series