My name is Ange, and I’m just a girl following her dreams. Like every person, I want to be the best I can be with the least amount of work… or is that just me?

Whatever. Life is a roller coaster and I’m front row speeding down the hill with my hands above my head and my screams louder than life. And trust me, life is pretty loud. So talk to me, tell me about your roller coaster. Is it the teacups, or the tower of terror? Or maybe it’s the log run… hey, everyone has their preferences.

So what can I tell you about myself? I love to read and write, I’m a daydreamer full time, a student full time, and a part-time activist. I’m an introvert, and shy hermit crab hiding in her shell. I love the beach and the sky, and I like horseback riding most of all. Yeah I’m an animal person, fond of both cats and dogs, and bison and boars, though I wouldn’t touch the latter.

Volleyball’s another passion of mine. I’m not amazing, but good enough to have fun. That’s what counts really, as long you don’t feel dragged behind, as long as you can keep up and have a good time. That’s life, isn’t it. You don’t have to be excessively rich or smart or pretty or funny, but just enough so that you can be happy, and so that you can make people happy.

That’s important too. Making other people happy is a recipe for success. You’ll be guaranteed to find friends that way.

So cheers,

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Follow me on Instagram: @queenmurphy

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