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Being an author

Good day mates,

Being an author… even calling myself an author makes me uncomfortable. To me the world author means published, finished, professional… it means being somewhat good at writing. For me, writing is my life, but does that make me an author?

I’m currently working on my first book. As it is now, I’ll be nearing 70,000 words words soon enough, but when does writing stop becoming a mindless hobby?

I’m having a crisis. I would like to become a part-time author, but I feel that I cannot work at a pace fast enough to get there. Many authors are asked to produce books at a rate of several a year. I’m on my second year writing my first book. And the worst thing is I intend for there to be several in the series.

So here’s the concept: it’s in a fantasy world, where a unknown society of supernaturals have magic and advanced technology. The villain: a demon trying to usurp the demon throne. The twist: the villain is stronger than every other single character, even the demon king himself.

The first book is about defeating an underling: an angel that wants demonic powers. The main “good guys” are: a demoness with multiple personality disorder, a military warlord with a fear of touching men, a demon that finds dying beautiful, and an angel with trust issues. I hope to finish it by the new year, but in any event, I want it to be finished.

Have you ever thought about turning a hobby into a lifestyle, or vice-versa?

The thing about writing is that you need to sit down and write. While this does sound somewhat obvious, it’s something I have difficulty doing. They say that you should write every day, even if it’s a few shitty pages, and while I hope to do this consistently, relapse is inevitable. When I first started, it was just a small idea inspired by Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, but it’s grown into something much bigger. It’s become an obsession of mine, and I think about it all the time. But for some reason, the words just take so long to get onto my word document. Sigh…

Your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Being an author

  1. I absolutely agree. I’ve spent years writing and to be honest I’ve never finished anything. I’m so proud of you for getting so far. I wish for you the greatest luck in your accomplishment and how you complete this and may more.

  2. I always encourage aspiring authors to have dedicated times for your writing – donʼt try to just cram it in “when it suits” or when you are all caught up on everything else you need to do. Make it a priority.

    Set aside regular time to write, not just when it suits or when you have everything else completed. If you write just one page a day, in one year you will have a book.

  3. It is wonderful to see others creating. From the age of 15, I created many characters which were brought to life on screen such as Indiana Jones, E.T., Beetlejuice, and Aliens. I created many pseudonyms and one happens to be J.K. Rowling during creation of the world of Harry Potter. “Malfoy” is an anagram for “of Amy L”…and that is me. Wish you the best and keep creating.

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