*First, I love the US, don’t hate me*

So, Citizens of the Universe, how about America.

It’s the country we all love to hate. As a Canadian, I love my neighbours to south, or at least as much as they love us. Headlines about America usually are something along the lines of “Obesity, Corruption, Rednecks, War, NSA: America has done it again”. It’s always about the newest hate crime, hate group, or intolerance. Like the Westboro Basptist Church, or Mitt Romney, for example. When that’s not the problem, it’s gun laws. And yeah, giving everyone a gun is stupid, because so much more damage can be done with a gun. Once the world is done ranting about guns, we rant about obesity. Traveling to England, I once heard someone say ‘if you put on anymore weight, people will think you’re American’. While America does have the worst obesity problem, it isn’t the only country with an expanding waistline. Then there’s the NSA, and that fact that they seem to think it’s okay to spy on all us. I get having some capabilities to hack, but they’re taken it too far.

So is the US that bad? So maybe they ride around in carts with shotguns, and maybe some of them marry their sisters, but does that make them a bad country? Alright, besides the fact that they tried to invade the middle east… they’re still the peacekeepers of the world, somewhat. I think that we owe a lot to ‘Murica. We need their technology, their military, their political influence. We need the jobs they create, and most economies are dependent on America’s economy.

So thank you, ‘Murica. Someone needed to say it. What’s your opinion on the US, and its global influence?

Happy Canada Day and happy early FREEDOM!! day,

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