Dear Diary

Family and Love

Dear Diary,

My brother’s prom is today. He looks great in a suit, with his little handkerchief and his flower pinned to his suit jacket. Indeed, grown up would be an accurate description. So what does it mean?

One day closer to moving out, one day closing to University, one day closer to growing old and having children and having to attend childrens’ proms. So yeah, it’s an emotional thing. I’m excited too, though. It’s a great day.

On another note, I ran five kilometers in forty minutes. I’m proud of that, I think, and am trying to resist binging on the cheetos and ruffles that my family’s house has been stocked with. They’re hosting the pre-grad party, and I’ve been invited. But damn, they’re right about those cheesy addictions… so cheesy, melt-in-your-mouth good that I can’t resist. It’s okay though, no dinner for me.

Today I was thinking about hate crimes. People being murdered because they’re black, or gay, or some other trivial thing like that. It occured to me… we’re all human aren’t we? We all have a mom and dad, and we love, and we all get angry, and we all want happiness. For a moment, instead of thinking he’s gay and I’m straight, so he must be wrong… instead of thinking he’s black and I’m white, so he must be wrong, why can’t we think: he’s human, and I’m human, and we’re not the same, but that’s okay… why can’t we think about that instead of picking at nothings?

I don’t know


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