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Finances! Or, How to Be Frugal and Fun at University

So you're a new university student. It's fun, exciting. It's your first time living away from home, but with that comes a whole lot of responsibilities. It's probably the first time you're dealing with major expenses, and for once every dime you work for is important to keeping you off the streets. The first steps:… Continue reading Finances! Or, How to Be Frugal and Fun at University


Poster Haul! Or, How To Make Your Dorm Yours

  So, you just moved into your dorm. Blank walls line the room. It feels halfway between a hotel room and a closet. So how do you make it "you"? Posters As someone who is currently unemployed, I really have no business spending money on luxuries such as posters, but when my school has a… Continue reading Poster Haul! Or, How To Make Your Dorm Yours


10 things to know before going into a job interview

Recently I was interviewed for the position of pool manager at my workplace. Although I don't yet know how I did or if I got the job, I'm really hopeful that I did. It's something I've been thinking about for a year now, and now that I've finally had the chance to apply I can… Continue reading 10 things to know before going into a job interview

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Rich, dense, (vegan) chocolate cake

The first thing I must say is that I didn't think up the idea of this recipe on my own. I found Sam Turnbull's chocolate cake recipe, and and used it as a base to make my own recipe. It's super simple and one of the best cake recipes I've ever tried, vegan or not.… Continue reading Rich, dense, (vegan) chocolate cake

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We were both lying in bed, he on one side, I on the other. This was not the first time I had ended up like this, nor was it the first time with him specifically. He was looking at me in the was he always does. He’s always looked at me like that. We had… Continue reading Independence

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Creative Writing

I pen ink across a page To create my very own stage Galloping across green plains Unicorns with purple manes Swimming through a sea of sharks Or singing amongst the larks Fighting dragons with noble steed Being repaid for a good deed Fiction, non-fiction, biography Fantasy, Sci-fi, history Mystery, thriller, western, and more In a… Continue reading Creative Writing


Ultimate Sore Throat Remedy

Everyone hates cold season. As a Canadian, I can tell you that the fluctuating temperatures do nothing to help my immune system. Last week it was 20˚ Celsius, and this morning it was snowing! Despite my attentiveness to the weather forecast, I always find myself unprepared. My solution is to bring a hat, gloves, and… Continue reading Ultimate Sore Throat Remedy

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Art is Expression

Art is expression   A thousands thoughts Of a thousand words Of a thousand sounds   Art is an age-old tale Told by colours Sung by music   Art is a saddest sorrow And a happiest glee In the same paintbrush   Art is a wave of inspiration Crashing down on A canvased white beach… Continue reading Art is Expression